Retail Counter

The Retail Counter

The Retail Counter allows you to count and limit the number of visitors to your business.
Get an automated and well received entry/exit system which is:
Easy to set upLow costWell accepted by customers
Automatically control how many visitors can be in your business at a time or simply keep track of the number of visitors!

Keep track of visitors to your business

Very easy to setup

Well documented and intuitive.


Unique solutions which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Great Support and Access

Product ships worldwide at low cost, and Qibixx support every single customer with full technical competence.


Different Entry and Exit

Different Entry and Exit pathways into the building. Multiple entry and exit points can be installed in parallel but it's recommended to use a single entry and exit point. Simple and reliable application of the Retail Counter seeing that the system doesn't need to recognize "wrong way movements".

Same Entry and Exit - different pathways

This is possibly the simplest and most compact application of the Retail Counter. A sufficiently wide entrance is divided into two “halves”, the Retail Counter is placed in the middle. It is appropriately signaled that visitors should enter on the left and exit on the right.
Separate sensors detect the input and output movements at the same height. The traffic light signaling via light signal or tablet / screen clearly shows when visitors can enter.

Same Entry and Exit

This application is the most complicated application of the Retail Counter because a “dynamic one-way situation” must be created to avoid problems. It is meant for pathways where it is impossible for several people to walk side by side.
On the outside and inside of the shop there will be traffic lights displayed to signal when people can enter/exit.
“Leaving store” has priority. A presence / motion / distance detector detects whether a person is coming towards the exit. As long as the shop is not “full” green is signaled outside so that visitors do not feel rejected. In this system configuration, 2 sensors are used in the pathway (outside and inside) and also another sensor to detect the approach of a visitor leaving the shop.


The Retail Counter is based on one or more embedded controllers and a variable number of sensors, which can be wired or connected wirelessly.
The central controller (depending on the version) can be networked via Ethernet or WiFi in a company network or in the “cloud”.
Crowd control is done by lamps, llluminated signs or a typical signage solution.
Qibixx operates a software maintenance portal through which the central controller can be programmed and monitored, and user data can be received into multiple services, including a wifi-counter portal operated by Qibixx.

Retail Counter Layout

Simple, reliable and innovative

  • Simple to use, elaborate engineering!

  • Reliable and low margins of error!

  • Multiple applications possible - choose the right one for you!

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